Nolva and Metacort pct

  1. Nolva and Metacort pct

    I got 30 tabs of nolva 10mg and one bottle of Metacort.
    I live in germany so I am not able to get the citrate. I also got enough clen.
    How should i use that aftter a 6week cycle of 4weeks s1+ and 2weeks 4derm?

    Edit: are there any diferences in dosing between the liquid nolva and the tabs???

  2. EDIT: 3ml nolva liquid = 40mg nolva tab.

    I would run
    40mg nolva days 1-7
    metacort 7-13 @ 5 squirts(4ml) 2x a day.(200mg of each)
    14-23 3squirts(2.4ml) 2x a day
    21 onwards use the metacort up @ 2 squirts 2x a day

    And why not 6 weeks of S1+? Are you doing 2 weeks of 4ad only?

    Thats the best I can think of

    Thats the best I can

  3. 3ml of liquid nolva = 40 mg of nolva

    and the tabs of nolva still are taxomifen citrate, its just they account for the weight of the citrate and the mg stated is pure taxomifen

  4. Thanks guys,
    Why i just use 4weeks of s1+ is because I have some legarthy of it and I forgot to mention that I am going to use m4ohn 16mg a day ( split in 4 servings) the last two weeks while only on 4derm.
    The last two weeks of my cycle i only want to cut .
    I started the fourth week two days ago.
    Today t3, clen and nolva arrived. I already started taking t3 today. I am not able to get trimax since none does ship it to germany ;(. Whatever I will up the dose to 75mcg till I will only use 4derm and mohn.
    Is it good to cut this way?
    Has anyone cutted while on s1+?
    I am going to cut on a tkd diet with ECY. Is that a good idea?
    And how could I add the clen - could i use it while using nolva?
    Oh, I also have bromocriptine 30 2,5mg tabs, which I also want to add after the ph cycle.
    Could there be any ineractions - I personaly do not think so because they act in a different way.
    Any experiences?

  5. MOHN wont kick in for 2-3 weeks. So being on it for 2 weeks only is pointless.

    If you get lethargy, up the 4ad dose, of lower the 1T.

    Dont run trimax without 1T, or you will lose muscle.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by meathead1987
    MOHN wont kick in for 2-3 weeks. So being on it for 2 weeks only is pointless.

    If you get lethargy, up the 4ad dose, of lower the 1T.

    Dont run trimax without 1T, or you will lose muscle.
    all good points.

    meathead why are you using PH @ 17 and so far from your potential? just couldnt POSSIBLY wait til the gains come from eating right? (i assume you arent just here for ****s and giggles and that you apply your research to your own regimen) i've seen you on the boards and your posts are cogent and rational in most cases - why havent you extended your rational thought to your own body? not flaming, just curious.

  7. I hav not used PH yet, and do not plan to until I am old enough.

    I know I am miles away from my natural potential, and I have a good 3-4 years of natural growth left in me.

    I have a little pact with myself that is a little something like this:

    When I am squatting 400x3(currently 230x3), deading 500x1(currently 396x1 ) and benching 350x3(currently 180) at a bodyweight of at least 220lbs @10% bf... Then I will start.

    I have enough stocked up for at least 2-3 PH cycles, with a little SDrol left over for some AAS kickstarts.


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