2nd run - m-sten

  1. 2nd run - m-sten

    Hi kiddies, I've decided to log my second ph cycle. My first was a mechabol cycle in oct. I was a newbie and I feel like I didn't maximize the run. I didn't get the results I had hoped for. Hopefully this run will be better. It will be an all out bulk. I'm taking 2 caps a day msten for 4 weeks. Aegis and cycle assist. Multivitamin, flex, and protein! My diet is 95% spot on. Going to be eating between 3200 and 4000 calories a day. Pct will be clomid 50/50/25/25, daa, multi, creatine, and protein. I'm 29 5'11 185 12% bf. wish me luck bros! I'll post updates on gains, sides, work out regime, etc

  2. What's the dosage on your m-sten pills 4mg or 10mg?

  3. 10 mg. it's iml m sten

  4. Sounds good. Best of luck. I'm almost your same size. Running m-sten in the fall on a bulk as well. One thing I'd recommend is that you try to keep your calories closer to 4000 than 3200. I find that my metabolism goes up quite a bit on cycle. I would start at at least 3600 and increase each week as appropriate.

  5. how do you dose your cel cycle assist and aegis?

  6. Aegis 4 hours after first msten assist 4 hours after that. Same for second daily dose of msten

  7. Ok weird thing happened to me yesterday. So I'm on week one of the cycle and I went to dinner with my friends and ordered a rum and coke and then a Long Island Iced tea, and my face, and my face only was on fire and got all red and blotchy. My forehead and neck were affected too. I stopped drinking after my gf pointed it out and I ran to the bathroom to check it out. It went away after about 30 minutes of stopping drinking. I know you should avoid alchohol while on cycle, but two drinks having that immediate of effect?? I suspect it has something to do with the aegis and my liver being able to break the drinks down? Anyone have any experience with this?

  8. I've read about several occurrences of really bad sides effects of drinking "just one or two drinks" while on cycle. Two of which ended in the emergency room. As a rule, I'm on an absolute no alcohol regime when cycling methylated steroids. If you can't commit to avoiding alcohol for just a few weeks while cycling, you're not ready to cycle. Consider yourself lucky.

  9. Ok...thanks. Anyone else with any actual scientific insight?
  10. Re: 2nd run - m-sten

    Sounds like blood pressure maybe?
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  11. Did you ever have blood work ran to confirm your hormonal levels were back to normal? Not bashing you, but second cycle, you should have the facts down pat before running even your first. Maybe your liver levels never returned to normal due to drinking after your original cycle. Guessing if you didn't have blood work, you prod didn't detox/ cleanse your system or preload any support supps. Some people don't need to, while others can't safely run a cycle without doing it. Everyone is different which is why you can rely on others input through a forum. Look into Cholestasis. I believe I spelled it correctly. It is a malfunction of the liver that can lead to the itchy, splotchy red areas you are referring to. Also, your adrenal glands/ function could be out of whack also. Not trying to scare you, but adrenal malfunction can also lead to the symptoms you previously stated. You can't get cocky when it comes to PH/DS. This **** messes with your hormones on a serious level and if taken lightly can have serious side effects. To many people think its a "get big quick an easy" pill. For instance, I know a guy who was sold SDMZ. Didn't do his research ad was taking 30 mg a day for weeks and weeks. No support supps, no PCT and around week 7-8 he started shutting down. Bad. Superdrol and DMZ for 7 weeks at 30mg and he is lucky he didn't have serious, long term side effects. He now has done his research, realizes his mistakes and has learned first had the importance of research, getting blood work done not just relying on how you "feel" and also taking proper time off cycles. To only be in week one and have a possible side effect that could mean serious liver complications, for me, would mean stopping the cycle, doing a week of PCT or two, and getting blood drawn immediately. Won't be accurate exactly but at least will show liver values. Don't rely on this site for research. Use it for opinions. Find solid, medically backed websites and learn what exactly your really doing to your body/ internal organs while cycling. Find out the true level each compound works at, what PCT actually means, what clomid is actually doing during your PCT etc etc. knowledge is key. Sorry for the rant, just my .02.

  12. And in theory, if your support supps are solid (never ran that manufacture) one or two drinks shouldn't kill your liver. But, if you drink a ton then your liver may not be up to par as is. You only get one body. Live to cycle another day brother and get your body checked out. 50 for blood work through labcorp.

  13. About 11 days in.

    Any changes in weight/strength? Interested in running this too.

  14. I normally don't drink a ton. When I'm off cycle I drink only on Saturdays if at all. Other than that one brief occasion I haven't had any sides. And I didn't have any on my last cycle either. But I appreciate your input and ill look into and consider all the things you said. After week one I'm up 5 lbs. other than the above mentioned aberration, I haven't had any sides. It is hard to gauge any strength gains because I am doing an all superset workout with 1 min rest in between sets, so obviously I haven't gone super heavy yet.

  15. Possible food allergy? It does sound like a BP spike. I'd say start monitoring BP.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  16. Any suggestions on what to do for additional bp support?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by fresh2death View Post
    Any suggestions on what to do for additional bp support?
    Hawthorn Berry is used for BP, although its recommended that you pre load before cycle starts.


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