What to tell an idiot who knows "it all"

  1. What to tell an idiot who knows "it all"

    I have a friend who was a powerlifter in high school, but was using steroids to accomplish his lifts. Now he is 23 and he has never been consistant with working out. He took a cycle last year for 4 weeks and got nothing. He started lifting again in October, and is now taking a cycle for 6 weeks. Let me tell you he is weak as a 16 year old and has not kind of musclar development, he just has a so called drive. He says he is taking 10 Dbol pills a day and asking me when I'm going to take them, I have always been superior to him in always but he has the nerve to tell me "you dont look very big" and told me i should start taking roids and said I can workout with him and his lifting partner, who is supposed to be a former Mr. Ohio.

    Anyways this guy is full of **** and thinks he knows it all about anything muscle related and is getting a bunch of bull**** from this "Mr. Ohio" about taking HGH. Does anyone have any info I can slam him with.

  2. Best advice I can give is don't let it bother you. If he wants to train like **** then so be it. Just make sure you stay on track with diet and training and you'll blow this guy out of the water. Let your body be do the talking for you because no matter what you say to this guy he won't hear it.

  3. exactly. talking **** doesn't mean anything if you can't back it up. and, i highly doubt a "mr. anything" would advise dbol only cycles. someone has been filling his head with illusions of grandeur and he hasn't realized it yet.

  4. i like ignoring those kinds of ppl when they try to teach me something coz the more you ignore them the more ****ty they'll feel

  5. I'd get as far away from his negativity as I can. His silly self serving banter distracts people from their real goals.

  6. It's always kind of funny to me when people say, "I have this friend..." then they talk about what an annoying retard they are. It makes me wonder what exactly makes you consider them your friend.
  7. Smile The best thing to do#

    i think the best thing to do is ignore him, and i don't think u should be so concern about what he's talking cause u knew it already that he's just a WANNABE. Keep up your training and diet and slowly the others around u will notice the different if u really did work hard enough. If u need some motivation, i highly recommend www.animalpak.com


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