Cut Cycle PH thoughts

  1. Cut Cycle PH thoughts

    no stranger to the PH game. I am 220 at 13% BF standing at 6'0.
    Stacking win 50 [((3,2-c)pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane- 17b-tetrahydropyranol) 50mg
    with Helladrol 4-chloro-17a-Methyl-Androsta-1, 4-diene-3,17-diol - 25 mg.
    thinking abour running the win 50 at 200mg and the Helladrol 75mg for the course of 6 weeks. Oh course been using forma stanzol for my AI and a liver supp.
    PCT- clomid, anabolic freak (natty test booster), liver supp

    Thoughts, opinions or concerns... any and all feedback would be welcomed

  2. probably should run that helladrol at a 100mg to more effective though

  3. Quote Originally Posted by double.g878 View Post
    probably should run that helladrol at a 100mg to more effective though
    would run the hella at

  4. Id step the hella up as soon as I felt it kick in if I were you,thoughts on running a test base?

  5. RS transderm seems to be everyones favorite.

  6. IDK bout RS Transderm, but the transderm forma stanzol I like and seems legit. No issues of gyno.
    Step up the hella to what though? you thinking maybe 125mg?

  7. 125-140,or stack some SD at the end and drop the hella,bridge it to an epi/tren...all kinds of things you could do.

  8. yeah theres a number of things I can bridge into. I have decided if I will keep cutting or go back to bulk afterwards. I saw your PM and emailed you back bout that issue.


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