How to:Intramuscular Injection

  1. How to:Intramuscular Injection

    I found this document on Intramuscular Injection awhile back. This helped me out quite a bit my first time. I thought it might be beneficial for others that are new to this.

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  2. great post

  3. That is a good one, thanks for contributing ...However, I think size already has it in one of the stickies though.

  4. Could anyone post an actual pic of themselves, or someone else pinning the ventrogluteal area. I've looked at several of these guides and am just not exactly sure how to hit the ventoglute. It also just seems like a very odd place to inject if i've got the area right.

  5. Here is a post from WCB. You've been forewarned though, real man's ass included.


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