Alpha Mass and 4 AD stack

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    Alpha Mass and 4 AD stack

    Hey guys! I just ordered a new stack. I bought Alpha Mass and I was planning on stacking it with 4 AD. I also bought Reboot for my PCT along with Cycle Assist to take throughout the whole cycle.

    I have some ideas of how I should go about my cycle but, I have a few questions....

    What do you guys think my dosage should be with the alpha and the the 4 AD?

    Will the Reboot be enough for a PCT? I have some liquid Tamox, should I add that in as well? If so how would you recommend I do that? Such as dosage of each and what not.


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    layne i have 4 days left on my alpha mass cycle and alpha bulk cycle which is basically the same as your doing and I'm probably just going to use reboot maybe a serm as well but don't fell shutdown too much but i would try alpha mass and bulk up probably get better results but 4 as and alpha mass should be good

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