Question about PCTN

  1. Question about PCT

    So, I was a member here years ago but haven't logged in for years, so I had to create a new account (I emailed admin about trying to log in, but received no response, so I created a new login).

    Anyway, my question has to do with PCT. I plan on doing an HDrol cycle, which I've done a couple times before with OTC PCT. Now, I plan on doing a 6 week Hdrol cycle with some Trenazone. If I decide to do an OTC PCT, I was gonna do MAN Novaldren and Prometheus Rising. I'm getting the AI sports stack of perfect cycle and Post Cycle Support. So, do you think it would be good to add the post cycle support to the MAN stack? Or just leave the MAN stack alone. I'm leaning towards adding in the post cycle support.

  2. You will regret an OTC pct for that cycle.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by figdaddy View Post
    You will regret an OTC pct for that cycle.
    I'm not saying for sure I'm gonna do an OTC PCT, just wondering if I did if I should add the pct support to the other two. If you're not gonna respond to my question, please don't respond at all. I'm not some newb, I'm 30 years old and I've been lifting and using different things for a long time.

  4. lol no ones calling u out for being a noob lol. Will the added OTC PCT supp hurt u? No. Will it be a game changer? Not likely. My first response is still ur best advice tho.

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