First PH/DS cycle: which option would be best for strength?

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    First PH/DS cycle: which option would be best for strength?

    I have Clomid, as well as all necessary support supps, and I am 24, 6', and 203 lbs.

    The main DSs I am looking to use are either LGI's Halo-25, Epi-10, Antaeus Labs' Methylclostebol, or IronMagLabs' M-Sten (although if you have any other options, I am more than open to them).

    My goals, in order, are strength, building lean muscle, and losing fat. Essentially, I want to recomp, but strength is my primary concern.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're going that route halo is always a good beginner one.

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