Guys can you have a look at my first Ultradrol cycle plan

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    Guys can you have a look at my first Ultradrol cycle plan

    Hi guys this is my first thread here!

    I've ran H-drol and p-mag numerous times before but I would like to step up and try Ultradrol cycle so here it is:

    Hawthorn Berry Preload for 10days
    Milk Thistle Preload for 10days
    Ultradrol 12mg/12mg/12mg/12mg
    Cycle Assist all the way through the cycle
    Milk Thistle all the way through the cycle

    PCT Assist 4caps/4caps/4caps/4caps
    Nolvadex tamoxifen citrate 20/20/10/10
    Milk Thistle all the way through the pct

    I would very much appreciate any comments from you, cheers!

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    When do you plan on starting? Im interested in ultradrol and would enjoy reading your log if you make one
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    Looks good bro. I would recommend a better liver support than just a standard milk thistle support and maybe finiflex black pct with a daa test boost, I had pretty good luck with those items.

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