Ok, so im looking to start my First real PH cycle and hoped to get a little feedback & make sure I have everything set up right! On Cycle I'll be running: Havoc: 30(40)/40/40/40/40/40 Any real need to ramp up or would i be better off at 40 all the way through ? CEL Cycle assist Fish oilMultiLiv52(if needed) keeping taurine if needed for back pumpsPTC: Torem: 90/60/60/30(mg)DAA @ 3g/day for 6 weeks starting day one of PCT Erase 0/0/3/3/2/1Any input much appreciated!!! thanks! a few quick ?s 1) I know epi dries out your joints pretty bad how much fish oil daily would you recommend? (i will get some animal stack flex if needed also) 2) Is it advised/ necessary to run Cel Cycle Assist in PCT as well ??? 3) Do i need to add a test booster to PCT or is the serm + daa+ erase gonna get me where i need to be!