Hi everyone, I've read everything I can read around here and I thought I'd post and get some confirmation if my first cycle ever looks okay.
This looks like a novice cycle, which is probably a wise decision since it is my first.
Week 1 - Havoc (Epistane) 30mg throughout the day & DHEA (~100 mg probably) & Multivitamins/Fish oil/Milk Thistle
Week 2 - Same
Week 3 - Up dosage to 40 mg
Week 4 - Remain at 40
Week 5 - May continue or stop and start PCT, just thought I'd feel it out
Week 5 or 6 - Revolution PCT Black for 4 weeks. Add extra Milk Thistle, go back on Creatine Ethyl Ester (will stop while on cycle), Longjack/Maca/Yohimbine, etc.

I will lift hard almost every day and focus on my nutrition and protein as always. Does this cycle look okay? Anything I am missing/advice?

I've spent hours and hours researching to make sure I do it right. Is there anything else I need for PCT? I hope to keep the size gains. Revolution PCT has what looks like an effective combo (DAA, Fenugreek, Liver support, Saw Palmetto and others, and a suicidal AI..). If there is a suicidal AI I wouldn't need any additional SERM products would I?

Other specifics if anyone finds it relevant: 24 years old, 6'1" ~175 Lbs, lean body type (Idk my BF%), no notable health concerns, primary objective is clean size gains.

Thanks everyone for helping out a newbie !!