H-Drol noob opinions and advice

  1. H-Drol noob opinions and advice

    Hello everyone! After doing alot of research i am CONSIDERING trying H-drol and would like everyones advice and opinions i want to get some feedback before i jump into the PH game as i am a virgin in this field. First off i am 24 years old 5'10 and 180lbs have been lifting since my freshman year in high school i try to eat roughly 3,000 calories a day, my goal is to hit a solid 200lbs. After searching the forums this is what i have come up with
    Run H-drol at 50/75/75/75/75

    Preload 2 weeks prior-Hawthorne Berries and Milk Thistle

    During Cycle- Cel cycle assist,fish oil, flax oil, Taurine, H-berries, Milk Thistle and multivitamins

    Pct- Cel PCT assist, Nolva 20/20/10/10

    I know i am more then likely forgeting things or missing something so input is greatly appriciated,

  2. Is your other handle "simplycut"?

  3. Cycle assist already has hawthorn berry and milk thistle, no need for extra after the preload for this cycle. Just expensive pee

  4. Thanks for the reply, how does my pct look?

  5. Looks fine bud. DAA would be a nice addition but not needed. Proven to raise natty test in 2 weeks



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