Anyone try Sci-Fit Methyl D

  1. Anyone try Sci-Fit Methyl D

    1 fasts 5 dollar bottles are gone so I was wondering if anyone tried this stuff. need to know if it is underdosed.

  2. it looks like a good deal, but seems like it would be really tough to dose w/ only 10mg tabs

  3. Just started taking it 3 days ago at 10mg ED, I guess I will find out.

  4. 1fast said they are going to be coming out with 4mg tabs soon.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by g4ud1n
    Just started taking it 3 days ago at 10mg ED, I guess I will find out.
    keep us updated. I have a cycle planned at 10-20 in jan.

  6. Well, I'm stacking it with S1+ so I won't be able to say how it is by itself...

  7. I'm sure you can split the tabs to make 5mg tabs.

    Making5-20mg ed an option which would be perfect.

  8. theyre capsules

  9. So, open them and use half now, half later, if you have to.

    Surely it won't degrade by being open for one day.


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