How does this Look??

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    Dude do you really count 500 sit-ups? Was #498 done with proper form? Sorry, had to ask.
    His hip flexors are probably short as hell, I can only imagine how it throws off his posture and flexibility for squats.

  2. Get your diet down first. That is the one thing that will affect your progress more than anything else. Supplements and training don't mean **** without your diet being in check. It takes discipline, but its worth it. My suggestion would be to utilize a total body training program 3x per week. Stick to 4 compound exercises (bench, deadlift, squat, military press, etc.) and then throw in 2 isolation exercises like bis and tris or abs and calves. Do cardio every time you work out. 20-30 minutes. You will see a ton of progress with this kind of. Just make sure you switch up the set and rep counts regularly and throw on an extra 2-3% in weight every week for each exercise.

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    45lb curl. 180lb bench. 500 sit ups. 75lb overhead raise. 80lb pull down. little cardio
    Just to put this into perspective, my 1RM on bench is 275 and am largely considered small and weak (tis true).yu have a long way to go still Youre in no position to be taking any AAS.
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  4. Its important that you attack your physique from all angles, judging by what youve said here you are pretty inexperienced and need to keep at it. Whats your diet like? Macro split? Total caloric intake? How consistant? What does your routine look like? Do you drink or smoke?

    The guys here will help you get to where you want to be if you let em. Just be honest, fluffing numbers wont help us help you!
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by simplycut View Post
    my diets pretty clean, no sweets high protein low carbs
    If your diet's in check, and you lift 3-4 times a week, like you say you do, then your hormones are out of whack (ref. gyno). If your hormones are fine, then either your diet is garbage, or your workouts are garbage, or possibly both.
    Take that money you were going to spend on your cycle and direct it toward getting blood work, combatting your moobs, and investing in a trainer and his/her advice. If you don't want to go the trainer route, invest some time in the other forums on this site (ie nutrition, workout logs [ref. airborne42's quest and look at his heavy numbers] and supplements).
    I've been on the fatter side of lean when I felt sorry for myself and spent too much time in my papasan chair eating Doritos, drinking Corona and playing Halo. You need to realize that the substances you are considering for ingestion aren't just a quick fix, they could cause more damage than good if you don't know wtf you're doing. Change your lifestyle before you change your hormones. Your body will thank you later. And quit smoking and drinking.

  6. I'd also suggest signing up for the AnabolicMinds Newsletter. Some of the articles can be really helpful.


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