Does anyone not have their gall bladder and use orals?

  1. Does anyone not have their gall bladder and use orals?

    I just had a couple tests run today and it appears my gall bladder isnt functioning 100%. I may have to remove it. I get the actual % in a week. Anyone use ph's or orals with no gall bladder? any concerns in general?
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  2. Your gall bladder is a storage sac for bile, which your liver produces. Being that you would no longer have a storage unit for the bile, I'd assume the liver would have to work harder in order to keep up with the amount of bile you'd need for proper digestion and liver detox and such. Being that many ph's are hard on the liver, especially the methylated compounds, I'd assume they'd be especially hard on a liver missing the gall bladder friend. I may be totally off the mark but from what I've read, this would be my conclusion.

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