Countermeasures for low libido during cycle

  1. Countermeasures for low libido during cycle

    I notice one of the board sponsers now advertises some "performance enhancing" supplements, so I'll ask a question I've had for a while:

    Has anyone used Viagra or anything else while on a cycle to help with the loss of libido?

    A few of my friends had a discussion in the gym and one of the few negatives things that they had to say about PH's was the negative reaction from girl friends/wives to the lack of "performance". Whether they're whipped or not, is there anything that can be done while "on" to reduce that effect? Or are there any PH that have the opposite effect, as in increasing libido? Thanks for any insight you can offer.

  2. I would definately saw that M5-aa and MDHT at high enough dosages put the libido through the roof. Also 4-AD with an aromatase inhibitor should boost libidy also. Additionally, using Viagra etc is fine, but you can usually get by with a good dosage of Yohimbe Bark extrect or Yohimbine HCL for "performance enhancement".


  3. Yeah I agree with 50 the 4AD as well as M5aa both put my libido through the roof and increased performance very significantly. I've also taken Viagra before and I'm pretty sure its not for libido but impotency like for us deca or dien dick, so you gotta have the desire to do stuff or you'll just be sitting there with wood for like 4 hours. The yohimbe also works pretty well as long as your libido isn't completely gone. This all from personal experience and could be totally different for someone else.

    Hope this helps.

  4. HCG. When I've taken it, I didn't need Cialis and my libido was through the roof.


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