lowered test for gyno and bloat

  1. lowered test for gyno and bloat

    so i was blasting with with 900 mgs test total: 500 test E & 400 test P. also threw tren into the mix. Well i bloated pretty good and my nipples were puffy as hell. so in order to save my self from boobs and make this recomp/ cut sucessful i lowered my test dosage to around 400 to 450 a week. I know they gyno is not from tren becuase i am only running 400 mgs of it a week but will lowering the test you think have any impact on the other side effects. also you think i will drop water weight?

  2. pics of said puffy nips, please

  3. I've had gyno from 200 mg of tren a week so I wouldn't swear that it's not the tren. Some guys I know have taken the same dose as you are and didnt have any problems just depends on the person really. Just a thought maybe it will help you out.

  4. I was recently on 600mg test and started getting puffy nips then lowered it only a little to 450 and much better.

  5. Hvactech want a pic of my shrunken nuts to gtfo

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Borispili View Post
    Hvactech want a pic of my shrunken nuts to gtfo
    Yum yum gimme sum


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