M1t split doses??

  1. Exclamation M1t split doses??

    hey.guys a tend to believe that split doses because half life that.10mg(5mg morning and 5 evening)what are think?

  2. That's the way I did it and I had good results. I didn't have problems with sides, so a morning dose was no problem for me. Others, who had bad side effects (especially extreme lethargy) preferred to dose the entire amount prior to bedtime. That way, they were able to sleep through the worst part of the lethargy. So, try it split, if the sides kick you too hard, then try dosing at night before bed.


  3. i just dosed at nite when i ran it, but next time i am going to try splitting it up since i didnt see anything from my cycle

  4. i didnt get good result from m1t, I would either take it all in the morning, or do a 12hour split. If you are not stacking m1t with anything, I would take it all in the morning, alot of guys that only use d-bol do this cuz more survive's in you system and you get a higher peak.

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