Coming into week 10 of my prop/eq cycle and coming into my second week of t3.

Cycle- 100 mg prop/50mg eq EOD x12 weeks.
Day 1-3 25mg t3
Day 4-6 50mg t3

Currently on 75mg T3 and gonna run this for a while.

For 2 weeks I have been cramping like crazy no matter how much fluid I drink. I upped my potassium level and it has helped a little but if I eat anything less than 3 bannanas a day I start to cramp like a SOB. I cramp really bad in my trunk for no reason and anything I flex cramps right away.

Ive never done prop, t3 or EQ before the last 3 cycles were test e, test e/dbol. test e/dbol/deca and never had this problem before.

I drink 4-6 liters of fluid a day.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?