IML 4-andro 1-andro and finaflex 1-alpha/1-andro

  1. IML 4-andro 1-andro and finaflex 1-alpha/1-andro

    Hello everyone, I am in the (very very) early stages of planning my first PH cycle and, knowing very little about chemistry and looking to fully understand everything before i even consider beginning a cycle, i have a few questions about the products in the subject line.

    I understand roughly that these products either convert to an anabolic compound or convert to a derivative of testosterone to some degree ( 2 stage, 3 stage process, not sure about that all). Seeing as how they have similar names and appear to give similar results and require similar pcts, can anyone please explain the difference between the four products? Is there any benefit to stacking them seeing as how they convert to different things? Which one is the most potent ( best gains, low sides and high ability to retain gains during pct)? Anything else I should know about either of these companies before I do further research into potential products for my first run?

    Thanks all!

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