1. Aspartalone

    Has anyone heard of this and if it works? I understand Primordial Performance is going out of business and I dont know where else to get Testosterone Conversion Factor. I was told that is Asprtalone is the same thing.

  2. Isn`t that just DAA?

  3. aspartalone is DAA, they don't really disclose what else is in it but it's probablly just a vasodilator and DAA that they charge over a bill for.

    This video really explains it all. you don't do orals for 12 weeks. he also stacked it so you know thats ****ty. those are ****ty results in terms of anabolics. looks more like he did 12 weeks of creatine which would've been 20 bucks. This guy really got screwed because generally each bottle is a month supply. I don't know how he stacked it because the androxybol is suppose to be an andro clone yet they say it's a natural product which makes no sense at all, and is misleading. if this kid used everything throughout the 12 weeks he paid 600 bucks minumum for those ****ty results. That would have been easy to get with good old fashion food. I mean he gained 1.1 lbs a week....stay the f away from that company!!!

  4. Too late for me

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JoeBrooklyn View Post
    Too late for me
    try selling it on ebay maybe.


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