need suggestions on cuttingcycle (before&after pics if requested) -

need suggestions on cuttingcycle (before&after pics if requested)

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    need suggestions on cuttingcycle (before&after pics if requested)

    Ay guys,
    just finished an 8 1/2 weeker of epistane.
    i've been putting on around 15 lean lbs without any change of bodyfat.. even got a little harder i think.
    im 2 1/2 weeks in pct now and im breaking PR's week by week and my weight hasnt changed.

    Im 6'1 224lbs and prolly around 12% bodyfat
    i have to cut up for photoshoots,festivals and maybe a model/physique competition and wanna get down to about 4-5, max 6% bodyfat

    ill start cutting very carefully in around 3 1/2 weeks.. i wanna be at ~8% bf at the end of april and then start another cycle to get dry and hard as hell

    i want to try something new..thought about taking superdrol or epi stacked with tren..
    what would be the best cutting cycle in your opinion (stacks allowed) ?

    will do before and after pics + snapshots during the cycle if anyone is intrested..
    cheers s.a

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    i feel sad for your liver. you're dead set on orals? and why not clen/t3 and/or ostarine for cutting?
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    Alright let's see the before and after

    PS I'm siding with threeF's.... would much rather use injectable in general

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