VPX 4test filter problems

  1. VPX 4test filter problems

    my vpx 4test, will not filter through a whatman I bought at gpz.

    this junk is like condensed milk.

    yes i vented the sterile vile, i did everything right, this junk is thick as hell, and i am supposed to inject this ????? hmmmmm.
    i heated it up to like 120degrees or so and no viscosity change \.

    anyone have these problems before?????

  2. once again, i can't stand the thought of pinning VPX stuff. i'd rather stay natural

  3. well dude i am going oral with it, for 3 weeks(all i got) and pinning sledges 1test cyp for 12wks
    m1t for 3,
    4ad tderm for the duration.

    I am not pinning yogurt i cannot filter.

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