grapefruit juice and methyls

  1. grapefruit juice and methyls

    i dont get it grapefruit juice is bad or good if your taking methyl drugs? thanks

  2. Supposed to utilize the methyl better. More for your money if taken (explains better in Designer Supps article). I've done it and it works I believe. Also, I feel much more effect if I take it 30-45 mins before the dosing, instead of at the same time. I was almost done with 2 weeks cycle 200mcg/day of clen and by then I don't sweat or get the jitters, but when used the grapefruit juice 30 mins before I was sweatin balls all night. So I am a believer in the grapefruit juice theory.

  3. theres a thread here that discusses it. it sounds like it will increase the effect of the ph but will increase cortisol levels, which will increase fat.

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