Double Dragon TST750 and AMS Augmentor question? (Please Help)

  1. Double Dragon TST750 and AMS Augmentor question? (Please Help)


    My friend introduced me to this stuff called Double Dragon TST 750. Online it's labeled as a testosterone booster but he said its a prohormone. I did some research on it and it's D-aspartic acid and 6-bromo. I'm pretty that's not a prohormone. I just wanted to sort that out, so what is it? And my friend also told me after two weeks I have to run a PCT. Do I need to? I have had 0 side effects aside from some mood swings after 2 weeks of 2 pills a day.

    My friend also said to use the AMS augment or as a PCT after 2 weeks of tst 750. Is that good or bad? Should
    I use them together and is it safe to take 4 pills a day like the bottle says for tst 750?

    I'm really confused.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. looks like tst750 is basically a natty tbooster and is a pct product. not a prohormone so no pct is needed

  3. This.

    Take all 4 of the tst750 like the bottle says, just daa & it's a safe natural supp. Save the augmentor; that is just a product to help inhibit the breakdown of a prohormone in your stomach so more of the good stuff survives & less gets wasted. Boosts bioavailabililty. You're not taking prohormones, so give it to someone who is, get a refund, or save it. Even if it could boost the daa's saturation levels, you're not going to notice a tangible difference.

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