hair loss question

  1. hair loss question

    This may seem like a dumb question but I'm wondering how exactly you know whether or not you are likely to go through hair loss during a cycle. I'm under the impression that you are supposed look at the men on your mothers side of family to tell whether or not you are in line for mpb because you receive your recessive genes from your mother. My father has a full head of hair but my mother's brother and father both lost a good portion of their hair by the time were twenty. My hairline receded a little at twenty, lost my widows peak, than at twenty it thinned a little more but nothing crazy. If I already went through this moderate amount of hair loss does this mean I am most likely to lose a lot of hair if I run a ph

  2. No way to really know i suppose... i have never had any hair loss but am prone to mpb by genetics. My brother was bald at 21.

    Permanent hair loss is one of the huge factors that holds me back from AAS use. I would say that if you're showing symptoms now you will make the loss nuch more rapid by AAS or PH use.
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  3. I am super crazy about my hair, yet am doing a cycle of test @ 600mg per week.


    Because, N2shampoo.


  4. So that shampoo worked for you? I'm starting a cycle the first and have been concerned about hair loss also but I have no other males on my mother's side to know from besides a great uncle who is totally bald

  5. Nizoral shampoo is supposed to work...

  6. Yeah n2shampoo has great reviews.

    If you're even more concerned that that isn't enough, you can always get propecia

  7. Hi there,
    Hair loss is really a serious problem for men. The experts say’s that there are many causes of such problem such as high stress, irregular diet, genetic effect, Alopecia and many more. They all affected the hair re-growth cycle rate, i.e. the process of growing new hair is less than the losing regularly.
    I think it would be better for you to seek good professional advice and find out the actual cause of your hair loss to get permanent rid of this problem.
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