Help dosing Liquid Nolva!

  1. Help dosing Liquid Nolva!

    Hey guys, just finished a 4 week cycle of Hdrol (My first PH cycle) and loved it.

    However now i have to start my PCT i have a bottle of Purity Solution liquid Nolva and i wanted to run 20/20/10/10 but im not sure how much that is in terms if the liquid stuff, how many ML do i need in my oral dropper?

    The bottle is 20/ml/mg in size? thanks.

  2. 1mL=20mg
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tyga tyga View Post
    Thanks bro, so it's one ml once a day or should I split it into two halves?

  4. Basic math bro. How much Nolva you plan on running? Adjust the dosage based on what Tyga told you.

  5. idk why youre waiting till pct to ask this. and you better remove that source before a mod comes in here and knocks you out.

    once a day at same time every day. nolva = 24 hour half life. just do it rit as yu wake up so you dont forget

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper
    you better remove that source before a mod comes in here and knocks you out.
    E punch!!!!!!
    Psalms 62:1-62:2


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