Review & Destroy! My First Cycle! Experts only plz & thank you!;

  1. Review & Destroy! My First Cycle! Experts only plz & thank you!;

    IM going on my first cycle Finally after so many years of waiting!!
    For my first cycle! If my cycle is crap dont feel bad to Destroy it After all im here to learn from the EXPERTS! Lastly before i get to my CYCLE if there is something i dont need plz tell me altho money is not an issue i would prefer paying the least i can and still have a safe Cycle!

    Im 5,7"-5,8

    Weight: 165

    Weightlifting Experienxe: since i was 16? So abt 5 yrs

    CYCLE! Pre & Wks 1-5
    ~P-Mag 75/100/100/125/125
    ~Preload Cel Cycle Assist 2 wks B4 pMag and thru cycle
    ~Multi Vitamin (Can i use any Store bought i have members mark complete Multi)
    ~Fish oil
    ~Liv.52 Double Strength
    ~Taurine for Muscle Pumps (is this a MUST?)
    ~Triple Flex(Joints)

    ~~~~Post Cycle Therapy (Most Important!)~~~~
    ~TAMOXIFEN (Nolvadex )20/20/10/10(PROBlEM my pills are all 20mg any ideas? Is that an issue???
    ~USP Test Powder-(Test Boost-Daa) heard great things abt this!

    And of course lots of Eating and Protein/Carbs
    ~Lastly can i get any tips on my calorie intake when it comes to cycles .
    I usually eat 300-400 more then my matinence consumption to bulk naturally
    Do i have to consume even more while on P-Mag?? Also more Protein/Carbs??

    Thanks so much guys for your time, Advice & Patience! Im humbled by the knowledge i see on these forums i respect all you! I've been researching for a while so Plz give me your best I aint like those guys that just ask for handouts of help and info before any research! Plz be Detailed!

  2. Nobody guys? Plz... I need advice..

  3. what else would you like? wipe your asss? maybe spoon feed you? oh, how about we make it super easy, and you send me all your gear, and i'll run the cycle for you!

    any how, looks fine, good luck.

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