OK...whew..that's done but alas, I did run into some problems. Here's the way it went and then I have a couple of questions for the experienced folks here.

I started off with 10g powder (1 test cyp), my kit and some instructions. The instructions said put 2cc BA and 2cc BB into a syringe, put the 10g powder and BA/BB into a vial marked at the 40ml level then add oil to the 40ml line. Heat in water, filter into the sterile vial and blammo..all done.

Well, unfortunately I missed some of the details and it got a little ugly.

First off, my kit came with the BA in a 30ml vial. That was what I was supposed to put the 40ml in...grrr...dropped down to 5g powder, 1ml BA and 1ml BB. That still should have given me 250mg/ml and 20ml total.

My kit didn't come with needles so I used the 25g ones I had available. Yes this worked but OMG...it sucked badly and took about an hour. I had to reheat the mix a couple of times as it was crystalizing in the syringe before I could get it through the whatman filter. Freakin hands cramped and I was longing for a 20g needle.

But....I managed to get probably 15ml into the vial after a little spill and an hour of work. Whew!!

Now that I've gone through the process, I realize the mistakes I made but there is a learning curve.

Will that little tirade in mind, I have a couple of questions.

1ml BA and 1ml BB per 20ml calculate to 5% of each. This seems like an unusually low amount of BB based on other posts I've read. Is this an ok ratio and if not, what would be ideal for prohormone cyp conversions?

Before I shoot a couple of ml of this concoction into my quad, can I "test" it by scratching my quad and rubbing it on the cut to see if it irritates it?

My "concoction" looked great after filtering but now has "settled" and now has some white stuff in the bottom. Is this normal and will just require a bit of shaking and heating prior to using?

Other than that, I think it went relatively well. I've learned a ton and will be much more prepared for my next round.

Thanks for any and all replies.