Changed my mind-running trenazone with CKD Diet to shred

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    Changed my mind-running trenazone with CKD Diet to shred

    Hey guys, the ultradrol gains have pretty much stopped because I bridged from hdrol into ultradrol because hdrol was garbage IMHO. I have a full bottle of ultradrol left and gonna be getting some trenazone later this week. I have went from 169 to 185 on an empty stomach but have gained about 2-3% bf. this is because I am very carb sensitive and ate too many carbs. The problem is it all goes to my face and I look like a chipmunk.

    I am currently sitting at about 15-16% bf, and it was a mistake of me to let my body fat get this high. My goal is to cut down to about 10% by Christmas with the help of the CKD diet and trenazone to spare mass. I have lost a significant amount of bodyfat before in 2 months, but with high carbs. i want to use ckd to lose bloat. Then I will be PCTing it up and running test/tren/ultra in the spring.

    What should I expect from CKD with refeed days?

    Please listen to my advice- make sure you don't start a bulk at a high bf percentage because you will be unhappy.

    And I also want to add that I am running ultra solo deep into my cycle and do not feel like garbage, just horny 24/7

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    Keep an AI on hand, just in case. Run the trenazone between 1.5ml and 2ml a day. Just diet like you would normally. Keep protein high, keep fat/carbs in control.
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