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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Flaboy239
    4-5. Including superdrol and a few other multi compound products. Never had a negative side effect and i never used a serm. I will be using serms from now on though.
    Stats plz

    But it's up to you man. Methylsten is made from sd so you shouldn't be too far off what you have been doing.
    Really dude no serm? Idk why but if you actually use a serm this time I'm sure you could manage some good gains, multis like this are never a good idea imo cuz you can't just stop one compound. I'm sure someone else will chime in and say not to do it but you're a big boy just get the proper supports and pct.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by StephenGarcia View Post
    There's a promo for methyl sten. I brought it up earlier, go apply for that man. Seems to fit your needs
    where's the promo?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bgmike20

    where's the promo?
    With all the other promotions lol

    M-STEN Logger Opportunity From IML!

  4. Superdrol and Dbol stacked is amazing. just say'n

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bgmike20
    what do you think of mutantplexx? thinking about it for some size.
    If mutantplexx were phera I'd tell you to run it asap!
    That stack doesn't look great IMO though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MuscleBound1337 View Post
    Superdrol and Dbol stacked is amazing. just say'n
    hell yeah i bet dude


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