Mechabol first cycle critique

  1. Mechabol first cycle critique

    Stats: 6'0, 168lbs, 28 yrs old

    Yes just joined.

    Background: Body type is runner type, extremely lean to say the least. Began lifting since 14 with the usual back/arms/legs/shoulders routine. Progressed to more complex routines like crossfit and olympic lifting in the past 5 years. I've attempted proteins/creatine to add size, but the most I will get is a couple of pounds a year. (Went from the same height at about 148lb at age 22 to current weight of 168lb.)

    Been researching and thinking of trying a Mechabol as my first cycle to maybe try and get some size another way. Goals are to gain 10-14 lbs of lean mass and keep it. Strength is fine now and not of much concern.

    Pre Cycle- 2 weeks of:
    N2 guard
    Fish oils
    Milk thistle

    Cycle - 5 weeks of:
    Mechabol at 50/50/75/75/75
    N2 guard
    Fish oils
    HC Generate

    Post Cycle - 4 weeks of:
    Nolva at 20/10/10/10
    N2 Guard
    DAA - 3mg a day
    HC Generate
    Ostarine at 12.5mg to try and not lose gains
    Erase Pro weeks 3 and 4

    I've researched quite a bit and again my goal is to gain, but keep it, hence the ostarine.

    -Critiques on the cycle overall?
    -I'm wondering if DAA + HC Generate are too much at the end?
    -Erase Pro is even needed?
    -Preferred AI to keep on hand if gyno happens?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. I've used Ostarine twice on PCT now. It's worked pretty well for me. I recommend staying under 10mg and only for three weeks. I preload the Ostarine the last week of cycle at a higher dose.

  3. Questions:
    -Critiques on the cycle overall?
    -I'm wondering if DAA + HC Generate are too much at the end?
    -Erase Pro is even needed?
    -Preferred AI to keep on hand if gyno happens?

    I had a real good run with PMAG (10+lbs) and i am very intrigued with Mechabol. Your Cycle looks well planned. Not to nit pick but why not second week PCT at 20? If Methyl clostebol is in fact more potent than Promagnon then it might be a little more suppressive. You got the serm might as well use it.
    All I used for PMAG PCT was Nolva 20 20 10 10 and Creatine Mono. Had Erase on hand but, didnt feel the need. Currently running it with
    Testopro and NOW Dopa.

    -Alot of people are fans of DAA in PCT for bringing back test quickly but, it is generally not considered a must. I have never used it.
    -Erase Pro I have used and its active ingredient is probably the best OTC Anti E around. Could be a good addition as it has the dual benefit of controlling Cortisol which spikes after a cycle. Just be sure to taper.
    -There are three prefered guards against gyno SERM, SERM and SERM. This is by far the most important aspect of you PCT. It will do more for restoring your Liver function, natural hormonal Balance and keeping your gains than all the other stuff combined. Its the cake the rest is icing.
    -As an added caveat Creatine and other cell volumizers are popular for keeping/maintaining gains post cycle. Throwing in some Creatine Mono for 10 extra bucks post cycle cant hurt.

  4. very well planned. who pimped n2b m products to you? lol. you should dose nolva 20/20/10/10 instead. and good choice on ostarine in pct. thats a relatively new idea to help keep gains. might want to extend erase to 2 weeks after pct, but thats really your call

    youd probly get away with just daa on pct if you wanted to save some hcgenerate for another run. but you can do both if you feel the need to

    btw turnkey, cant taper erase pro. the servings are one pill. maybe one eod

  5. If you can't gain weight that's a diet issue. Saying you've "tried" protein and only gained a few pounds a year... son, i am dissapoint. That comment right there lets me know you never bothered to obtain a solid nutritional understanding. You're 28 and still don't understand what a caloric surplus is... you don't need a steroid, you need a slap to the head.

  6. I personally think that 50mg first cycle or not is a little low and would suggest starting on 75mg - most users find the sweet spot 100mg and bigger units or more advanced users 125mg.

    Would run Nolva 20/20/10/10 personally.

    Also no need for N2Guard in PCT for me.

  7. 2 bottles of mechabol = 45 days at 100mg = perfect?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by uubiduu View Post
    2 bottles of mechabol = 45 days at 100mg = perfect?
    Sounds nice.

  9. its 3g of daa, not 3mg.....also for 5 weeks id go 75 all the way

  10. You would definitely want to up the 50mg to 75mg, or follow some of the other advice here given on doses.

    I would also throw away or sell that N2Guard and get yourself some aegis or cycle assist.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by uubiduu
    2 bottles of mechabol = 45 days at 100mg = perfect?
    Thats what i'll be doing

  12. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Thats what i'll be doing
    Log your Antaeus Labs Mechabol run
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    Log your Antaeus Labs Mechabol run
    i sure will, shawn sponsored it but i noticed he isnt apart of the team anymore

  14. Been waiting for this log to go up ^^^

    But, yea OP listen to Rhadam, diet and training comes before anything. Trust me you wont be making the most out of any PH if you dont know how to make proper natty gains. Regardless, it does look like you prepared fairly well for this and you have made some progress over the years. So, if you do decided to run it my only suggestion would be a slight increase in dose and getting some aegis instead of the Taurine and Milk thistle


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