closest PH to masteron

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  2. Why not just run Masteron if that's what your looking for! I am not a fan of running orals without some test, to hard to keep your gains.

  3. Technically, SD is methyl-masteron, but I don't think that'll help in this scenario.
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  4. I here cynostane is pretty close to masteron. Its even more anabolic im pretty sure.
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  5. Well if your looking for a DHT derivative that's non-methyl AndroHard is a great option and a popular one to stack with hdrol

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  7. masteron is MY FAVROITE GEAR OF ALL TIME, stanodrol 800-1200 mgs a day take dosages with fish oil and flax seed oil, 2-3 times a day, I run 600mgs morning, 600 at 5 pm
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    I have tried to source androhard in Australia but its proven impossible.

    I'm gonna have to go non methyl obviously...

    Being in Australia makes it hard...

    Thx for the Input guys... Anything else?

  8. thats the one right, converts to dht, good call
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  9. Sosososo
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  10. dplex is basically inactivated 17a methyl dht.

    is made active after contact with stomach acids.

  11. sssss
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  12. 450mg twice per day

    25mg 3x per day.

  13. xozozo
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  14. where can i get the one still its banned right?
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    450mg twice per day

    25mg 3x per day.


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