cycle review

  1. cycle review

    Comments on this cycle appreciated.
    planning a 6 week(42 day) cycle

    600mg 4ad trans per day
    300mg 1t trans per day
    Nolva pct 4 weeks

    According to my calculations

    25.2 grams 4ad
    12.6 grams 1t

    756 ml of solution(homebrew recipe) that would give me 50mg/ml

    doing this as a bulking cycle ........thanks guys
    6' 227lbs

  2. sounds good man just be sure you're diet training and rest are in order and have a blast

    if i were to add anything it would be m5aa the last 4 weeks at 100mg in divided doses a day (30 upon rising, 50 pre workout, 20 later in the day)
    maybe m14aad at 120 mg a day for the first 4 weeks (but i hate being bloated)

  3. looks good.
  4. thank you

    Thanks guys....going to give it a go!

  5. That looks like a ****load of 4ad trans. I think you might do OK with less, maybe 400mg or so? If you have experience with this type of stack and know that you need that much to respond, then all is cool. But, if your throwing together numbers for a first cycle, I really think you could get good results & spend less money. jmho


  6. ^^My thoughts exactly.

    300-400mg 4ad trans is normally sufficiant.
  7. first ph

    Yes first ph cycle .have done a.s. in the past. Have done
    hours of reading on here and from what i have seen 2:1 ratio
    of 4ad to 1t seemed to be the way to go for bulking.
    Would a 1:1 ratio be sufficient?

  8. Many people like a 1:1 ratio. If you mix your 1test & 4ad in separate bottles of carrier, you can adjust as you go. So in a couple of weeks if the 1test is kicking your ass lethargy-wise, you can up your 4ad dose a little. I'm 42 yrs old, 6'1 & about 255. I ran 333mg of 4ad with 10mg of m1t and it made it almost sides free. But, I've never done other types of gear (other than the currently legal stuff) and only have a few cycles under my belt, so maybe that's why lower dosages work well for me. Anyway, I think you could start with a 1:1 ratio at 300 - 400mg of each and adjust as needed.


  9. 400 of each divided into two doses 12 hours apart. I agree that you should start out mixing them in separate bottles so that you can adjust dosages.

  10. Thanks again for the help gentlemen.


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