First PH cycle ~ Question for PCT (Epistane)

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    First PH cycle ~ Question for PCT (Epistane)

    Broke my ankle, and lost some gains. Was looking for a boost to get back to normal, plus my ex gf was slutting around and next time she sees me i want her to regret it (lol weak, i know) My buddy I lift with has been taking PH a while with great results/no sides. He just got off a product called Vengeance by ug pharma and has nothing but positive things to say.

    Im about a week and a half in, and it consists of:
    Epistane - 15mg

    Capsule form, 2x a day. Plan on running this for 4 weeks before starting my pct. Im about 5'11, 195lbs. Been lifting for 4 years.

    My buddy was taking OTC PCT and has had no problems on this cycle, however im a little more cautious and am planning on being safer about it.
    I was thinking about obtaining Torem online and picking up a natty test booster and running that for 4 weeks compared to the 4 weeks of OTC products. Does this sound like a good idea, or could i cut loose with OTC PCT.

    Again, this is my first cycle, and plan on being my only one. Thanks all, great site.

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    You need a serm. And you shouldn't be taking two methyl compounds.

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