Conversion question

  1. Conversion question

    I just got off a 3 week cycle of One+ with good results. Next cycle I plan on trying 4ad and 1,4ad bit this time orally. My question is, what dosage of 4ad orally would be the same as the One+ which was 468mg everyday. Is the transdermal 40% compared to oral at 15%? If so does that mean I would have to take at least 1500mg. orally of 4ad? Thanks

  2. Oral has a 5% bioavalibility and then 15% of that converts to test. SO you would have to do ~ 3700mg orraly... Sounds like allot but thats the answer.. Transdermal is the only way to go.. Talk to ya..

  3. Wow, that's crazy. But reason why I was thinking oral route this time is because I started getting some nasty rashes all over my shoulders and arms from the One+. I think I'm going to have to reconsider this.

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