Problem-hdrol hasn't kicked in on day 24

  1. Problem-hdrol hasn't kicked in on day 24

    Hey guys, I'm currently on day 25 of my hdrol/stano cycle. I'm up to 100mg and feel nothing, no pumps, no weight, no fat loss. Diet is in check with a caloric surplus and more than enough protein. Should I go higher than 100?

    Cycle so far: 50 mg days 1-5 75 mg days 5-17 100mg days 17-24

    I got these off of a very reputable site, don't know if I'm allowed to mention names do its not bunk

    Oh yeah my nuts have shrunk a little and hurt a few weeks ago

  2. I'm probably gonna bridge into ultradrol/tren

  3. 100 mgs is just too much for your height and weight....I mean, everyone is different but I can't believe you haven't felt anything from it. No strength gains either (beyond what you'd normally gain in a month's time)?

  4. You should be feeling something by now. In the 3rd week I always start to really rock.

  5. No, no strength gains. Should I just keep being patient?

  6. With Stano and hdrol together you have to have some positive results. More reps, endurance, muscle hardness???

  7. What is the Stano doseage?

  8. No, my body just doesn't react we'll to compounds I guess. Same thing happened with epi and I didn't feel anything lower than 60mg. I haven't been dosing the stano high only at 600mg e/d so I should go up. Muscles feel slightly harder but not much.

  9. And if one of these does kick in hard, how will I know the difference between hdrol and stano kick in?

  10. Well honestly the strength increase will be there with hdrol. Your lifting partner or anyone around you will notice the difference. Not doubting the source but I have yet to hear of anyone that I know of not getting a​ny strength from hdrol at 75/100 mg in week 3 especially with stano. Blood work would be the only real solid proof of what is going on.

  11. Yeah I know. I'll report back here in a few days if something kicks in.

  12. Same as OP, never felt anything from hdrol going up to 150mg using very reputable brands, after that I was like okay gains or no gains Im shutdown already so I started a ment/SD "bridge" and saw excellent results!
    mechabol, hdrol, protomax are compounds I never reacted well to.Now I just used AAS and if I have any dzine/SD laying around I throw that in.

  13. Yeah that sounds like a great bridge but I'm concerned that bridging superdrol would trash my lipid profile even more.

  14. Gonna go work out will report back later

  15. What brand Halo? At 100mgs (which i've never really "needed" to go up to) you should definitely see some increase in weights,aggression, strength etc

  16. Elite labs and lgi halo 25 from orbit

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Trekofstarsx
    And if one of these does kick in hard, how will I know the difference between hdrol and stano kick in?
    That's why you run em one at a time if they're compounds you've never run before.


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