Libido Stack

  1. Libido Stack

    Alright boys... throw me some ideas to increase my libido and the dosage/cycle time please. I've been looking around for awhile now and everything just seems like "too much". so keep it simple please... not to concerned with the cutting or bulking right now.. just really focused on increasing my sex drive

  2. What kind of cycle are you coming off? Or is your libido normally low?

  3. All depends on if you ran anything to drop it before hand. If you ran a PH/AA you need a SERM and a Tbooster. If your just looking for help try hcgenerate. There are tons of threads on this. Use the search and scan through to find brand names.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tmac22314 View Post
    What kind of cycle are you coming off? Or is your libido normally low?
    Just low... for the past couple months i havent have morning wood.. and then the obvious that comes with low libido... just wanting to try a stack before I go get the doc to check me out

  5. Well brother I think the doc may be your best bet. Get some bloods done, you could always snag some cialis to hold you over. Research grade is powerful and not expensive.

  6. Here is the perfect libido stack.
    Testosterone 200mg/pw
    Masteron 200mg/pw
    Proviron 50mg ED
    selegiline 5mg x2 a week
    cabergoline 0.5mg x2 a week taken with selegiline

    If hormone replacement doesnt work, selegiline+caber definitely will! in my experience this combo is better for libido than any other stack or using cialis/viagra and whatnot.Careful with selegiline as you dont want to be eating a lot of the wrong things (cheese, chocolate..etc) need to do some research on it for your own purposes.


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