Ideal M1T PCT Regime

  1. Ideal M1T PCT Regime

    I would like to gather opinions on what the ideal PCT would be for a straight up M1T cycle assuming access to everything and cost not an object.

    It will be run 14 days if I can take the sides that long. Dosing will be 10mg every 12 hours.

    The rough draft (skipping exact dosing schedules here) is:

    Tamoxifen Citrate
    Phosphatidyl Serine
    Clenbuterol (if tolerable - never used it)
    ZMA (it can't hurt)
    Liver Protectants (Milk Thistle, NAC)
    12g Fish Oil + monounsaturated fats up to 30% of Kcal

    Are there other compounds that should be considered for use during recovery? 6-OXO, a transdermal 7-oxo? tribulus? Anything else?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. looks like you're more than covered bro. the nolva itself works very well, no need for additional anti-e's.

  3. I would, as you mentioned, add a transdermal 6-oxo/7-oxo product to it. 6-oxo + nolva seems to be the best solution for raising test levels quickly during PCT and 7-OXO of course helps with the cortisol. What's awesome is you can get all that crap really cheap now at custom's website... he just added androstentrione (6-oxo) and 7-oxo powder and has a transdermal base for really cheap so you can make the whole shabang for ~40.00.

    I personally think the zma/trib wont be nearly effective as the above mentioned things and should be at the bottom of the priority list.]

    Only thing you dont have mentioned at all that I might add would be MCTs. I personally have not tried those during PCT yet... tried all the other stuff mentioned though.

    Oh and maybe some sesathin to help get your blood levels back to healthy levels and help keep PCT fat off.


    bobo explains why 6oxo and nolva used together aren't really useful. and for the most part, when bobo talks, i listen.

  5. Ideal?

    gotta have some long igf-1 in there! hands down.

    stacking lr3 igf-1 with insulin (note: unless you are knowledgeable in insulin use don't even think about it) imo would be an ideal add-on

    i agree that i wouldn't use 6-oxo for PCT.

    igf/insulin with nolva, some kind of stimulant for pre-workout, multivitamin.

    and on the subject of can't hurt, you could always add tribulus. if money is no object. i don't see much evidence it works, but it couldn't hurt.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub

    bobo explains why 6oxo and nolva used together aren't really useful. and for the most part, when bobo talks, i listen.
    Thanks for that thread, I hadn't seen it yet. Definitely some interesting comments in there; I agree with you in that I tend to trust Bobo's views more than anyone else's.

    For my next cycle I have already got some transdermal 6-oxo so I guess I will just throw it in and see if recovery is better than the last time when I used clomid/nolva. I will post my feedback but of course as always, don't put nearly as much stock in someone's personal feedback (mine or anyone's) as science (Bobo). In essence, stick with nolva

  7. what about some CEE. thats what I like to add to pct.

  8. Thanks for the comments, gentlemen.

    I wanted to get clarification from my more experienced brethren on dosage schedules, particularly the Tamoxifen Citrate (Cytotam):

    The M1T cycle was/is 14 days as follows:
    Week1: 10mg
    Week2: 20mg

    Tamoxifen Citrate (Cytotam):
    Week1: 60mg once daily
    Week2: 40mg once daily
    Week3: 20mg once daily

    PS will be dosed at 500mg every 12 hours.
    HMB 1g every 3 hours.
    7-oxo transdermally probably in mornings.
    Creatine loading for 5 days, then 5g daily.

    Training will be a whole body workout of 4 sets of 3-5 (starting at 5RM, work sets during M1T period were using 8RM) for each bodypart every third day.

    Fats @ 30% from avocado, olive oil, almonds, fish oil, flax, omega eggs, beef.

  9. IMO...6-OXO is the way to go for PCT. I believe an Aromatase Inhibitor immediatly following your cycle untill HTPA is restored is best. Then, if you feel it is nessasary, Nolvadex to stimulate LH.


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