whose run p-mag?

  1. whose run p-mag?

    Have a couple bottles of p-mag and I'm wondering what you guys have stacked with it and your results? Ran a halo cycle recently and was a little disappointed, thanks bros

  2. in 4 days i will be using mechabol with stanodrol

  3. Have you tried regular p-mag? I know mecha doesn't need to convert, so i wonder if there's a big difference? Hows stano on the hairline?

  4. first real cycle, i havent heard any thing negative with stano and hairline, i shave my head though

  5. Stano won't make your hair fall out unless you're prone to it

    Mecha is good on the hairline from what I have seen in logs.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  6. Anyone else stacked anything with p-mag? How about androlean

  7. So did you stacked it with something? And how was it? I also have a few of those and trying to make some strategy.... :-)


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