First Cycle has changed after further education

  1. First Cycle has changed after further education

    Hey Guys,

    So after being better educated and doing some greater research before my first cycle, I have changed and tweaked it abit. I've also attached a picture of my starting point.

    Any feedback on it would be great guys. Especially in regards to pinning its not something I've done before and just quietly I'm sh!tting myself I'll get it wrong - especailly in terms of aspirating, so some advice on that would be amazing.

    6 Week cycle:

    Weeks 1 - 6

    Test E - 125 ml pinned twice a week (monday & thursday)

    Stana Tabs - 1x 50 mg tab per day

    Letro (femara) - 1.25 mg tab per day

    Weeks 2 - 6

    Clomid - 50 mg per dayName:  Day 9 Test Charge Front.jpg
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  2. After doing much research myself I started my first cycle a bit ago. Drop all the excess stuff and do a 10-12 week cycle of 500 mg test e. 250x2 a week

    You can use some Hcg (my testicles are still hanging low!) and it'll make pct easier

    Get proper pct and some Adex if you're prone to gyno( or just in case anyways!)

    And I def hear ya with pinning! I was shaking like crazy after my first shot I was so scared. I luckily have a gf who helps me pin.

    After much research the best way I've come up with so far( and again I'm just as new to aas as you) but warm up the test in your Hand for a bit or under hot water Ina baggy, then draw and push out the bubbles and I get a strong pencil like grip and jab at 90 degrees, once in just pull, aspirating was actually much tougher than I was expecting it has a small suction to it and if you see bubbles your fine if there's blood don't freak it's just a vein pull and move over half an inch. Then plunge slowly (I take 30 seconds for each 250mg) and then let the needle stay for 10 seconds after to let the test move away from the injection site and pull and you're golden pony boy!

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