Test E, Mast, Drol cycle

  1. Test E, Mast, Drol cycle

    So I was looking for something to lean out but more importantly get stronger. I was set on tren but found out it's terrible for athletic performance so that's out the window.
    But I heard that some olympians were popped for using test/mast stacks so I figure that might be what im looking for. The anadrol would be thrown in to help boost strength gains but would it cause me to get TOO big or bloated?

    Cycle history:
    Pulsing Epistane
    Full Epistane cycle
    Test cyp
    Test cyp with epi kick start

    Next Cycle (maybe):
    Weeks 1-10 500 mg Test Enathate per week
    Weeks 1-10 100mg Mast every other day
    Weeks 1-5 75mg anadrol every day

  2. If you're trying to lean out I would choose tren over test. You could actually just pin a low dose of test if you're worries about getting lethargic.
    Anadrol, if ran on a strict diet, can indeed help lean you out and increase strength. Just restrict calories and use an AI.
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  3. looks good. mast is known to increase RBCs so it could help with athletic performance and keep u pretty dry. i heard mast stacked with test is great for libido and training agression. this is a good cycle for ur goals just dont expect to get giant from it

  4. Thanks for your input guys. I may hold off on tren till later...well see how the mast goes

  5. I'v been really prone to back pumps on other cycles. Anyone know if test e, mast, or anadrol cause them?



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