Is TMG contraindicated with methylated PH's -

Is TMG contraindicated with methylated PH's

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    Is TMG contraindicated with methylated PH's

    Off cycle for years, recently I'd been on a DIM regimen to keep as dormant as possible a real, glandular touch of gynrcomastia from years ago in one nipple (not just adipose/pseudo). I was taking TMG (plus "methyl-B12", folic acid, lecithin to help transport he DIM, and milk thistle). Is this methyl donor TMG contraindicated by methylated PH's? Should I lay off it while doing the methyl-DHT PH D-plex and/or epistane?

    I have updated my personal info: I am 42 and but 187 lbs. maybe shooting for a much leaner ~202 or so.
    You can read some more background on me + my would-be good, recent experience with OTC AI + DAA in the About Me.


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    Tmg is fine with methylated hormones. If anything it would help the liver out a little.

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