After hdrol, whats next step?

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    After hdrol, whats next step?

    Ran Hdrol about 2 years ago and was happy. Should I run again or what is next step up do you think?

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    If its been 2 years you could run H-Drol again no problem. If you want you could run Epi as a solo also.
    Just be sure to have all your support supps and PCT on hand when you start. Both are mild but you never know.
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    How did you like hdrol and what kind of results did u see, I have been reading a lot about this compound and have been considering givin it a run, also what was your dosing?

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    How long should one wait after running an hdrol cycle (6 weeks) before running it again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by uvawahoowa View Post
    How long should one wait after running an hdrol cycle (6 weeks) before running it again?
    I dont like to run the same compound within a year of each other ,but i do know others that have with good results.

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