Hello my fellow anabolic minds, long time lurker here with a bit of query. First a bit of my cycle history. I've run 6+ cycles of PHs over the past 4 years, including Epistane, M-Drol, and a Trenazone/Ultradrol. I'm well versed in all ancillary supplementation and PCT, so no worries there.

Ok, so to the business at hand. I'm currently floating around 240 lbs at 6'2, probably somewhere around 15-16% bf, and am looking to add a bit of mass while doing a very minor cut (probably around 200 calories under maintenance) at 4 weeks. So here are my questions. I ran ultradrol along with Trenazone at 12 mg for 4 weeks, and was wondering if I ought to up the dosage to 16 or 20, keeping in mind that I plan on running the Trenavar at 90 mg daily. Is that extra ultra needed, and should I consider upping the trenavar at all? In any case, thanks for the assistance.