M5AA/MDHT/3-Alpha to Solidify Gains?

  1. M5AA/MDHT/3-Alpha to Solidify Gains?

    I have repeatedly come across threads that claim drugs like Masteron and Proviron and other DHT-type drugs are used to "solidify" and "retain" muscle gains at the end of an aromatizable cycle, such as Test/DBol.

    On the other hand, I've also read people who have the perspective that it's best to run pure androgens at the front, and then more anabolics at the back, in order to repair the micro-tears, etc., associated with rapid strength increases.

    As far as hardening, I do know that M5AA taken regularly over a period of time has made my muscles denser and harder.

    I'm wondering if there is truth to this (soldifying gains with DHT drugs), and if so, it might be a good idea to ALWAYS run M5AA/MDHT/3-Alpha at the end of a PH cycle? And if so, for how long?

    Also, I've read about the M5AA having an effect on SHBG, thus improving the efficacy of other drugs taken. Can anyone elucidate this?

  2. i've heard alot of people rag on taking a stronger androgenic compound lately. i think jminis is the one who advocates stronger anabolics at the end. i thought about extending my 5aa cyp out to 12 weeks and dropping the 1testcyp/4adcyp at 10 weeks to "harden up" until i heard it was a bad idea. now im thinking about maybe some m4ohn at 50mg/QD, as i LOVE that stuff.

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