1. LONG PH/PS Cycles

    I am very interested in running a long PH/PS cycle in 2005 that would mimic a long AAS cycle.

    To me, it seems like there might be less harm in running a very long, planned out cycle with HCG and other ancillaries, followed by a long PCT and recovery, than in multiple hormonal "yo-yo" periods. I feel like permanent shutdown would be very unlikely if the same precautions were taken as an AAS cycle. Also, it seems like a lot of substances don't really do their job until 6 weeks or so.

    I know SuperSoldier has done this in the past, but this protocol only seems popular with AAS users.


    (Besides the obvious-->why do this with PHs)

  2. How long of a cycle are we talking, and what compounds are you considering using?

  3. Cycle Length: 14 weeks or so. HCG injections twice a week for the entire duration.

    Compounds: All of them...just kidding...sort of, anyhow. I've spent a lot of time looking at more advanced AAS stacks, and what the PH counterpart is, and I'd like to create something similar. Probably no injectables, though, which is partly the rationale behind the cycle lenght. I would use M4OHN as a bridge (even though it's not a bridge in the traditional sense--I'd still be supressed) in between various runs of 4AD trans/a second non-methyl oral or transdermal/and a methyl oral.

    Motivation: In part, is to be able to use up my stock before it goes bad, and also to test all of the different things I've purchased in the next year. Also, I don't intend on "using" past my 30th birthday. (Of course, a 14-week cycle might change that!). Also, I'm just curious, and a willing guinea pig at this point. I sometimes wonder if you need to really dose a lot higher or longer with some substances to get results.

  4. That's the way I do about every other cycle, long and using 8+ items by the end, all staged just right. It's really a double cycle with initial bulk and final cut phases blended midway

  5. curious what kind of long cycles you do Dr?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by J_MAN
    curious what kind of long cycles you do Dr?
    W1-2...... 800mg Depo/wk + 25mg Anadrol
    W3-4...... 600mg Depo/wk + 50mg Anadrol
    W5-6...... 400mg Depo/wk + 75mg Anadrol
    W7-8...... 200mg Depo/wk + 1000mg 1T cyp/wk
    W9-10.... 800mg 1T cyp/wk + 30mg Halo or 36mg M4OHH
    W11-12.. 600mg IT cyp/wk + 20mg Halo or 24mg M4OHN
    W13........ 10mg Halo or 12mg M4OHN + DHEA
    W13-18.. PCT

    I'll use Letro right from the start and hCG from wk5 or 6 on. Use a combo of Clomid, Nolva, DHEA, etc. for a 6wk PCT. The doses and drugs may vary, but it's usually some form of this.

  7. Brodus do you really need to do an 'advanced' cycle?

    How big are you? Cos unless your say 240lbs at 5'10 with abs there is no need to get fancy.

    Personally I think an 8 week cycle is perfect. Just enough time for everything to work great and you'll be fired up the whole cycle long.

    Will you really be able to train balls to the wall for 12 weeks straight!? I know 8 weeks is perfect for me, then a week or 2 off for pct and so I can recover mentally and get hungry again.

    After the 8 week point is also whrn things usually start to go wrong.

    Unless your using long acting injectables like test cyp or deca, there is no need to run really long cycles, most ph/ps are in your system immediatly and kick in within 3 weeks at the most.

    Hcg is great, but it can't replace time off. Just do a normal 6-8 week cycle 2 or maybe 3 times a year and you'll make the best gains posseble in my opinion.

    For the long run anyway and you'll also be sure to stay healthier too.

  8. I don't see a problem with running long cycles. I know most PH users aren't willing to use HCG, so I believe that's why we mostly see shorter cycles. I also have to agree with Manguy that unless you are using cyps there really isn't a need to go that long. It can be done though, and I'm all for following your results if you go through with it.

  9. im going to run a 14 to 16 week cycle kinda like this
    1-4 anadrol 50-100 mgs a day
    1-12 800 mgs of test enan
    1-12 600-800 mgs of 1 test cyp
    10-14 d-bol 40 mgs
    10-14 test prop 75mgs a day.
    I changed to short estered gear so that i can start pct sooner and also add a kick in at the end of the cycle. I will run HCG throughout the entire cycle and then do a full PCT and long time off prolly until summer.

  10. Why are you doing the dbol at the end just before pct?

    I'd say drop the dbol and run whinny instead.

    Or just drop the d-bol completely.

  11. That's the thing about long ones, start doses as low as possible. You see I only start w/ half an anadrol! Then you can milk it and still be 'healthy' I would take more, but if you respond to lower doses, why add sides? On a shorter cycle, I would increase dose and train differently, because you wouldn't have to deal with the sides as long.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TheManGuy
    Why are you doing the dbol at the end just before pct?

    I'd say drop the dbol and run whinny instead.

    Or just drop the d-bol completely.
    Because whinny sucks...I love dbol it is a great bulker and it is unestered so i can quit the dbol and start pct three days after my last shot of test prop. This, if you cant tell, is a bulker through and through and winstrol isnt going to put much size on me. I will be running arimidex throughout also to keep the bloat down and my gains fairly lean.

    Dr. D I like the way your thinking i might reduce the amount of drol at the begining and work up over three weeks.


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