British Dragon/Newport gear

  1. British Dragon/Newport gear

    i have the option for either of these, ive heard quite often that BD is very very good gear, not knocking newport because its some good stuff and only new on the market though ive heard that real BD isnt around anymore

    any who, i figured i may give BD a try. is BD really THAT good?.. i feel like i may have had some people over exaggerate to me

    i mention both these brands because i have access to either, though with BD being a little more expensive

  2. My buddy had some and said its some good $#!?. But there's probably some fakes floating around too. And I dnt know it were aloud to talk bout brands I may be wrong.

  3. The real bd was busted a few yrs ago though but

  4. yeah so i have heard, but even so ive heard good stuff about the new BD on the market, and ive had newport already myself, was hopin to find someone with experience from both of these, or BD itself. i may just try it out for the hell of it

  5. Go for it I haven't tried it but my buddy has and got good gains from it.

  6. I believe they have a way to check if your product is legit and from their lab.


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