Makin Oral Powder -- Help!

  1. Makin Oral Powder -- Help!

    I have some powders and i hate everclear....

    So I was at my asian grocery today and saw coconut flavor essence:

    2 fl oz of coconut, propylene glycol, and ethyl alcohol...

    Could I just dump the powder in there? would it take?

    im talking m4ohn here


  2. Flavor ESSENCE? You'd better LOVE the taste of coconut something fierce, because it will probably be with you all day. Bleh.

  3. Its only like 10-15ml per dose come on. You could put a cennimon in ur everclear.

  4. That stuff is probably pretty concentrated. I would avoid it, or try 151 (not as harsh IMO).

  5. I guess im just used to taking shots of it and jello shots of it and limemade mageritas made of it.

  6. if you have the PG do you need the ethyl alcohol because its oral?

  7. Just get some PEG-400. It is almost tasteless. The powders still taste like **** though. You could use PEG as the solvent & just add flavor concentrate.

  8. I brewed up a batch with olive oil and it suspended nicely. 250 ml's of OO makes a nice 4 mg/ml batch of M4OHN. Just shake and use.


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