equitest turned completely crystallized, help

  1. equitest turned completely crystallized, help

    so i bought off my online supplier about 5 equitest, 1 deca 1 anadrol in may. and its been smooth sailing since then, but a few days ago, i noticed my 4th equitest, which had only 3ML used, was starting to show "flakes" or "crystals" in the solution. i happily pinned, just ignoring it. i come back today, and the 4ML remaining was COMPLETELY crystallized, i could only describe it as chilling already melted butter that hardens. i was confused and honestly irritated because that blows. i got an email from him, he says "crashed, didn't store at proper temperature." thing is, i held a lighter under it for about 3 seconds, and boom - liquidity again, but still cloudy as if it was still crystal.

    so, any advice/tips on this? should i just toss it? give it a shot(lol)? i just don't want to blindly use it and get infected, or sick.

  2. so i found out that the equitest due to the high concentration, and potentially the cool nature of the storage area (mb 12c), the stuff crashed. i reconstituted it via boiling water, let it dunk in there for a minute, and it went to normal, see-through oil color as new. just shaky having that happen...

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